PDR Accessories

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There are a variety of optional components made available to PDR Technicians that may not always be PDR specific tools but nevertheless used in the PDR industry by at least some technicians.

Hole plugs used to block or plug holes that have been drilled also may be used for plugs that may have been lost

PDR Tool Usage
PDR Bonnet Stand a stand that can have bonnets to be fastened for PDR work on them pdrtraining124
Step Bits tapered in standard sized steps so that only one drill is required to drill larger holes 44667
Window Guards slides in between the door to protect windows from tools scratching when working on dents from inside doors
Window wedges helps wedge window guards tight and also opens up windows to allow better access
Hammers a variety of hammers are available for different uses including tapping dents
Known Down like punches, these are used to knock down the high points and imperfections so that the dent can again be pushed using PDR
S Hooks and Rings Used for leverage pivot points such as when working on dents suspended through windows or bonnets
Suction Straps these use suction to connect to the roof and again have a srap hanging down for leverage purposes
Panel Remover tool that pops out plastic clips that hold panels together
Door Holders a tool that is used to keep the door in check whilst working on dents
Door Straps a tool that is wedged in between the closed door to act as a leverage point
Hood props hold bonnets in position so that dents can be worked on
Insulation Clips accessories that will replace lost or damaged clips common in most vehicles
Christmas Tree clips Universal clips used to replace broken plastic clips that hold hood linings for instance – convenient for PDR Technicians if clips for various models are not available
Hole Cutting Tools
Glue Cutting Spatula
12 Volt Inverters to provide power
12 Volt Adapters