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Experienced a hailstorm recently? Not sure you have damage on your car? You are one of thousands who drive around with minor damage to your vehicle without knowing!

Let us help you!

Paintless Dent Removal Quotes
Paintless Dent Removal Quotes

Our experienced hail dent repair PDR Technicians specialise in repairing hailstorm damage to vehicles. The pricing is based on industry standards and carried out under lights to provide an accurate and realistic quotation.

We can quote, schedule a repair and finally repair your vehicle with the minimum of fuss. The whole process of quotation only takes 15 minutes at most. Once scheduled, you bring the vehicle in and the repair should only take a day or two. All customers are covered by a lifetime warranty for the ownership of the vehicle! This is simply industry standards and a requirement of being a repairer.

Worried about the insurance process? We can assist in that too! Our trained technicians deal with this all the time and work seamlessly with the various insurance companies and their processes. All you would require is to lodge the claim to get a claim number and then get a quote from us if you wish to get our quotation and repair.

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