PDR Techniques – Blending

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Another very effective PDR technique is a process called blending. This technique is very much an art and recognised as an advanced PDR technique. Blending has been masted by the best of PDR Technicians particularly those in Italy and Brazil! It can be a noisy technique though very effective and sometimes faster!

Blending is a process where instead of pushing dents or pulling dents for that matter, the whole metal over a longer length of panel is gradually flattened out in such a fashion that it cannot be recognised. The dents are pushed out but the whole panel is also “re-shaped” that to the eye the imperfections that exist fade away. A trained PDR Technician can probably see something is different and blending has been used but to the customer, they cannot tell. A good trained PDR Technician can probable blend a panel with a series of dents quicker than glue and pulling the dent or pushing the dents in overall time!

To blend, a special hammer one that with the balance that suits the PDR Technician in terms of weight is used to gradually hammer from behind the panel. The same is done carefully with the right hammer on the paint side but carefully that the paint is not impacted or damaged! As suggested, this process can take years to master with all the different scenarios, panels and types of gauges and with the need of preserving the integrity of the paint.

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