Dent Count and Categorisation

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Dent Count and Categorisation

Once the skills in recognising, categorising, and counting dents have been mastered,we need to get the information on paper for quotation purposes. There are quite a few systems or matrix designs that have been developed to deal with efficient recording of dents and sizes. Nevertheless they basically follow a similar principal – the more severe the dents, the higher the cost charged per dent. The more severe the panel, the cost also rises to a specific limit on pricing.

Just observing the matrix can look confusing. The matrix is rather easy to use but does condense a lot of information in one simple table. Quotation under pressure can be very stressful and time limited. Mastering a Matrix such as this is essential to win jobs by quoting rapidly!

dent pricing

This is an example of a dent recording matrix used for recording and then this information could be used to calculate pricing using the Dent Matrix pricing system.

Dent Matrix recording information sheet