PDR Training Course – Michael Cross

PDR Training Course with Michael Cross

PDR training course hail damaged car
PDR training course hail damaged car

Limited time promotional offer.

Michael Cross from Smart Repair Australia is offering to do 2 week training with serious trainees wanting to enter the Paintless Dent Removal industry. One other incentive for those who attend this course may seize an opportunity join Smart Repair Australia in the future!

Michael Cross is one of the longest serving PDR technicians in Australia having worked in the industry since 1992. He has worked in Australia and internationally including Europe and the United States. He has built one of the large PDR companies and is the CEO of Smart Repair Australia and therefore has a lot to offer in terms of invaluable experience. Smart Repair Australia also has a major long term contract with one of the major insurance companies.

What is in this special 2 week PDR Course?

Week 1

The first week is the intense 5 day course curriculum.

You will learn all you require in PDR in the traditional methodology:

- Finding the tip

- Pushing dents on bonnets, roofs, doors and quarter panels

- the type of tools used in PDR

- access points around the car and the tools used with these access points in mind

- dent count and quotation depending on your requirements

- we teach you quotation - private, car yard and also for insurance

- then we start all the methods above in glue pulling - ie bonnets, roofs, doors and quarter panels

- recognising and noting down damage

- push to paint

- an assessment as well as tick sheet is provided to the trainer to ensure that the skills have been covered as well

Week 2

The second week will be on the job training. During that 2nd 5 day period, you will emulate the typical real day time life of a PDR technician from getting the job, moving around the daily runs of car yard jobs, auctions, private customers and also any hail work that may be set up.

Michael will be sharing his experiences of the what to do and what not to do in PDR, how to set up a business or company with a specific PDR twist, how the industry operates and how to get the work and keep the work. He will also include his experiences on international PDR.

Also included:

- a full starter kit from Smart Repair Australia

Cost of this special limited time package offer is $13,000.  Michael prefers a minimum of 2 people in total to run the course. The PDR Training course must be run prior to early September!!!

Where is the course taking place?

This course is set to take place on the beautiful Central Coast at the Smart Repair premises! Michael Cross does not let anyone down and always promotes some of the favourite sites around the region.

If you are interested in this course, please apply now! Don't miss this unique opportunity!