Phill Coutts reports on the Sydney course held on September 10th to 14th 2012- well specifically in Wollongong south of Sydney. Phill suggests it was probably the best course ever held and very well received with one on one training and successful acquisition of the skills taught. The course wasRead More →

The final day, Day 5, was a long and arduous. The guys were assessed at various stages during the day to see how they had progressed since the first day. It has been a hard and painstaking process for all but rewarding. And rewards did they deserve. As is theRead More →

The trainee PDR technicians continue to work extremely hard on improving various skills they grasped so far this week. Today, the attention was on all aspects to be considered when considering the glue and pull technique. The pictures show Phill illustrating the dynamics of how glue and pull works onRead More →

Having been associated with this industry for six years, I have not seen one female PDR Technician in Australia. Not yet anyway! So why is this still male dominated? Perhaps because this industry has spread on a friend by friend basis over the years and remained low key for soRead More →